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FAQ list.jpgQuality.  It’s a word you hear a lot around DEDON. In fact, it’s kind of an obsession for us. We think about it about it constantly. The quality of our designs, of our fiber, of our weaving, of our service, of our lives — in everything we do, we want our quality to be the best.

In the fiber production center at our Lüneburg headquarters in Germany, the machines’ computer-calibrated dosage system measures out ingredients down to the microgram, ensuring a consistency that verges on perfection. Not a strand of fiber leaves the facility without meeting our exacting standards of strength, weather ability, color correctness, consistency and more. There are machines to simulate decades of exposure to sunlight, harsh weather and saltwater, and test the effects — or rather, the lack thereof — caused by wine spills and sunscreen.

Weatherproof, temperature resistant, toxic free, UV stable, fully recyclable, sustainable and exceptional in both look and feel, DEDON Fiber has revolutionized the world of outdoor furniture. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. Inside the research lab, a team of specialists is continually testing new variations on our proprietary formula — 20 years old this year — in search of new color ways, new textures and new consistencies, not to mention greater strength, resilience and durability.

A walk through the DEDON factory reveals a clockwork-like approach to manufacturing in which every aspect of production is painstaking executed, supervised, checked and documented. If the smallest detail fails to meet our standards, that piece goes back to production. Every piece of DEDON furniture is made by hand, of course, so there will always be differences. Each piece is unique, but if even the smallest detail fails to meet our standards, that piece goes back to production until it satisfies each of our demands of quality.

DOMO™ Collections are the exclusive distributors for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands of the renowned DEDON® indoor outdoor range of furniture.

Dedon® carries a five year unconditional guarantee. Each piece is stamped with the QA Passed sticker i.e. Quality Assured safety standards for the European market which includes fire requirements. Some of the most exquisite resorts around the world use the Dedon® collection of indoor outdoor furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Dedon® furniture need special cleaning and maintenance?
To get best results, wash regularly with a soft brush and mild soapy water. Any tarnishing created by salt and sea air and atmospheric rust particles should be removed with a metal polish.
Can Dedon® furniture be kept outdoors during winter?
Thanks to the robust Dedon® fibre, the furniture is not sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Even extreme cold (up to 20degrees C below) does not affect the material.
What about rain and saltwater?
Dedon® furniture is resistant to them. Even chlorinated water or sun creams and tanning oils are not a problem, nor are ultra violet light.
Will the colour fade?
No. Dedon® fibres are thru-dyed and are reliably indelible.
Can pests be a threat to the furniture?
Laboratory tests and practical experience have shown furniture made of Dedon® is resistant to common pests such as termites, wood ticks, etc.
Are pets a natural enemy of Dedon®?
Dog or cat claws can do no harm because Dedon® is extremely tear and splinter proof.
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